Magic for every day use

Would you like to increase your prosperity, secure the love of the man or woman of your dreams, seek protection from evil forces or grumpy neighbours, catch a liar or raise the dead? If so, the Sorcerer‘s Screed is just the book for you.

Sorcerer's Screed is the world‘s most comprehensive collection of Nordic spells. The author, Skuggi, passionately collected the spells in the book, some of which only existed in ancient manuscripts, preserved and lost. The Screed was originally published in Icelandic in 1940 and only a few handwritten copies were made. Now, 65 years later, the book has finally been digitized and translated to English. Each spell comes with a diagram and specific instructions for their use and purpose, many of which we believe will come in handy in every day life. 

Practical spells for all occasions