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A moderate station wagon is an integral part of a small publishing house when it comes to distributing copies of a brand new book to local bookstores. So, marking my place as somewhat a journalistic outsider for this one blog post, I let Sigrún and Thorsteinn, my co-editors do all the hard work of carrying boxes, saying "hi" to our excellent booksellers and introducing them to our new book; Icelandic Magic for Modern Living!

Pink pillows and blankets are essentials when distributing yellow books

Pink pillows&blankets are essentials when distributing yellow books

Finished circulating through and between bookstores, we met with Boff Konkerz, the author of the book and a machine-free tattooist at the Icelandic Tattoo Corp. Actually, a tattoo sparked the origin of this book when one of my co-editors got Boff to tattoo a magic stave from the Sorcerer's Screed, the book in which this site is dedicated to. Well, somehow along the way, I ended up with one too!

Two editors and a tattooist. Guess who's who!

Two editors and a tattooist. Guess who's who!

A tattoo of a Nordic magic stave on an Icelander shouldn't though come as a surprise to anyone. They're however not only highly popular amongst natives, since the steadily growing tourist bubble keeps on giving us ever more diverse range of visitors, and some of them simply want to drop in a tattoo shop to get some middle age sorcery ink.

A chuckle over a new tattoo idea?

A chuckle over a new tattoo idea?

Whilst the Sorcerer's Screed has proven to be a reliable source for those looking for their first or next tattoo of a traditional Nordic magic stave, the Icelandic Magic for Modern Living offers a much needed humorous take on this quirky nook of our nation's heritage we Icelanders boast about on every occasion. I'll leave you with a very important modern example:

A stave for fast WiFiA stave for fast WiFi

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