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The Launching of the Icelandic Magic Company Imprint

Dear friends We are delighted with the interest shown in our publication of the Sorcerer’s Screed. We are currently working on more books akin to the screed and the cultural heritage it derives from. We’ve therefore launched the imprint The Icelandic Magic Company to expand our brand and to create...

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New Years Eve in Iceland

New Year’s Eve in Iceland is a nothing less than a magical experience. There are no official firework displays in the city on that night because anyone can shoot fireworks on New Years Eve in Iceland. Usually families and friends gather together and shoot fireworks and have fun. The result is an...

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Monday is the last "safe" day to order before Christmas [US and Rest of world only]

According to the Icelandic post office it takes 4-15 business days to ship to the US and other countries outside Europe. That means that next Monday, December 5th, is the last "safe" day to order if you want to give the Sorcerer's Screed to someone on Christmas Eve. Best wishes...

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